Our Services

Money means something different to all of us. What colors our attitudes toward it or what we want from it is a highly selective thing.

That’s why, at The Financial Center, Inc., of Illinois (TFC), we make it our priority to get to know clients personally. Not only do we want to provide clients with the most complete course of action possible, but we also enjoy working with them each step of the way. 

Once we complete the initial process of setting up client investments, it doesn’t end there. We’ll monitor the progress client accounts are making and meet regularly to make sure the investments reflect clients’ current life circumstances. It is rewarding to discuss, research, modify, implement, and monitor components of our clients’ financial plans. 

Because we work so closely with clients, we tend to think of them as our friends. Don’t be surprised if you ever get a phone call from us just to say “hi.”

We have some new information we would like to share regarding long-term care. This information does not apply to all of our clients, but we want to make it easily accessible for those who have an interest. Please feel free to click here for some timely information about long-term care insurance. If you have any questions, please call us at (815) 692-6615.

Below is a list of the many ways we can help our clients:

Our Investment Services

New Investment Advisory Account

  • Review personal and/or family needs, goals, and beliefs
  • Determine time horizons, risk tolerance, and asset allocation
  • Construct customized portfolio
  • Establish investment policy
  • Provide investment selection
  • Create portfolio with management options with access to institutional-quality, load-waived options, ETFs, individual stocks and bonds, and alternative investment products
  • Monitor portfolio
  • Rebalance and reallocation as determined
  • Monthly reporting
  • Periodic portfolio review meeting
  • Online account access if desired


Review of Existing Portfolio

  • Cost basis analysis
  • Asset allocation assistance
  • Cash flow review
  • Second opinion evaluation


Our Planning Services

Retirement Planning Services

  • Retirement income analysis
  • Debt management
  • Account review: 401(k)/403(b)/IRA/Roth
  • Employee benefits review
  • 529 plan consulting
  • Qualified beneficiary planning


Risk Management and Insurance Services

  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Insurance policy review
  • Long-term care review


Estate and Business Planning

  • Estate tax analysis
  • Comprehensive financial plan
  • Charitable planning
  • Wealth transfer assessment
  • Beneficiary review
  • Trust and will review
  • Succession planning

Fees for planning services are based on the amount of time required and the net worth and complexity of the account.